Airteam was approached by the client to help them solve the problem of declining regional news sales and increasing production costs. 

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The internal client team had already embarked on a phase of discovery and requirements gathering to come up with a proposed design solution. They were however unable to scale a development team and gain traction to get the solution developed and delivered in the required timeframe. 



We implemented the Airteam Rapid Agile Development (RAD) software delivery process and placed a team inside the business to lead the development of this project. Our team consisted of a technology lead to drive the approach and work with the client on defining the solution architecture, two backend developers, one Front-End developer and a systems tester. 



Having the Airteam process and team driving the development and delivery of the project and embedded in the client organisation ensured we could break down organisational silos and barriers to quickly deliver an MVP and work effectively with the internal team and stakeholders. This project has continued to be a success and the client has continued to engage Airteam beyond the initial MVP to build out more detailed product features and functionality.