The Team




Rich has 20 years’ experience developing and managing Web software projects, including a decade long tenure at the Reserve Bank of Australia. On leaving the Reserve Bank Rich ran a successful software development team – Piran Digital, which now forms the development arm of Airteam. Rich leads the development team and provides ongoing technology direction and quality assurance for all Airteam projects. He ensures all software solutions are architected and implemented in the right way and is constantly pushing the boundaries to drive continuous technology improvement at Airteam.



Business Director

Patrick has over 10 years’ experience in the UX and Customer Experience field, originally with a background in Market Research and Digital Marketing. He worked for Europe’s largest experience design consultancy for nearly six years before moving to Australia. He has managed and run well over 100 UX projects in locations all over the world including Hong Kong, Brazil, UK, France, Canada and Australia. His focus is on understanding and capturing client and user requirements and ensuring they are carried through to final solution design and development.




David set-up Brisbane design agency One-iota which he successfully grew and ran for 6 years before merging this into Airteam. Pursuing a new start-up dream David entered the Telstra Muru-D start-up accelerator programme and after two years left with a successfully launched business - Safesite. As an advising partner to Airteam, David brings his digital design and development experience as well as being well-versed in the start-up world and able to offer and bring some of that experience and guidance to the team.




Web Administrator

Jordan is an energetic, ambitious developer that believes in the potential of emerging technologies to solve many of the world’s most difficult problems. He is passionate about innovation and continual improvement of process and brings this passion to every project he works on. As a developer, his primary strengths reside in an extensive knowledge of Python programming, an ability to easily learn and adapt to new technologies, and a creative imagination. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, exploring nature, and pushing himself at the gym.



Interactive Web Developer

Louis is a senior front-end developer with a background in computer science, multimedia experiences and game design. He has worked on numerous front-end development projects over the last 5 years covering some of Australia’s leading commercial clients. His most recent engagement has been in developing the front-end interface for a new regional media application for APN News and Media. He is also currently studying for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.



Principal UX/UI Designer

Maciej has over 10 years’ experience in delivering world class digital solutions for a range of clients from start-ups to multinationals.

Maciej’s core skills cover user requirements gathering and storyboarding, interface design, user experience design, wire-framing, information architecture, data visualisation, user experience testing and graphic design. He is well versed at working within agile teams and promotes continuous improvement for the Airteam Design Process.



UX Researcher

Monica is a UX researcher who has worked in user experience design across different spaces such as web/digital, advertising, and accessibility consulting. She recently studied Design Computing at the University of Sydney, and has also been a teaching assistant there for Interaction Design. Monica is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and regularly nominates herself to speak at meetups and participate in hackathons. 



UX / UI Designer

Ingrid started out in the world of design as a graphic designer, where she discovered her love for hand-rendered and digital illustrations. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW, she transitioned into digital design to try something new and hasn’t looked back since. A creative problem solver at heart, she thrives working collaboratively with others to bring great ideas to life. When she’s not in front of her laptop, you’ll find her either running, dreaming about traveling to New Zealand or enjoying a sweet treat.



Lead Developer

With a degree in Computer Science Wesley is a seasoned software developer who thrives on solving complex problems through writing clean and efficient code. With experience of working in scrum and agile environments Wesley enjoys working hand-in-hand with designers to ensure that the code he writes and the solutions he creates can deliver the best user experience and interactions aligned to best-practice design principles.


Yoong Kang

Senior Developer

Yoong Kang holds Master and Bachelor degrees in Engineering from Monash University, and has experience working in successful teams at both small and large businesses. His strengths are full stack development (Python, Django, and modern Javascript), scientific programming (NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn), and being funny on Slack. His weaknesses are cold weather and lactose. Yoong Kang organises SyDjango, the Django meetup in Sydney, and loves connecting with the community. He is a huge jazz enthusiast, and loves going to small music venues that play jazz.



Senior Developer

Hao-chun is a senior developer with a background in software engineering and project management. He has over 5 years experience and has in-depth knowledge of full-stack development, database design,system architecture design and software testing. His expertise covers web/desktop/mobile development, cloud computing, machine learning and networking. He is well-versed at working within agile teams and deliver the most interactive, user-friendly and high-performance solutions.



Senior Interactive Web Developer

James is a seasoned, highly professional web and software developer,  with experience in both front and back-end development. His skillset spans across a wide variety of roles and experiences from his early development days in Scotland and New Zealand through to more recent projects over the last 5 years since James set foot on Australian soil. James enjoys tinkering with 3D printing, digital displays and IoT.



Head of Crew and Culture

Laura is a people person and always has been. That's probably why she had such a long career in UX, putting people in the center of her work. After a decade of working in agencies, consultancies and client-side, Laura decided to take her skills in a new direction. Joining Airteam as Head of Crew and Culture, looking after our people with a focus on crew experience and building strong and happy teams. When she’s not at the Airbase, she’s busy perfecting her sourdough recipes and enjoying #slowfood. 




Bob has been actively leading software solutions for over 20 years in various roles ranging from architecture, development, business planning and project management. Over this time there has been engagements with startups, established vendors and companies in Australia, Asia and the US. These engagements have ranged from project and idea development to final delivery. The current focus with Airteam is to deliver the best resources to all our clients projects and to ensure successful project outcomes.


The Story of Airteam


How our Directors came together

Rich had been running his own software development team for a few years, David his own design agency and Patrick after 10+ years working for other agencies had spent a year running his own UX/Customer Experience Consultancy. Realising the sum of all these parts would be greater than the individual components they decided to bring their thoughts, ideas, resources and vision together to form Airteam. It allowed for the design and development of true, end-to-end digital products and services, brought together an awesome team of highly experienced people and allowed the capability to address a couple of issues the directors saw in the market that they weren’t happy with. 



Many consultancies and agencies charging over-inflated prices for sub-standard work and poorly experienced teams and with a lack of process and ability to truly handover IP to clients.



Agencies and consultancies still moving slowly and not at start-up speeds. Building in lengthy and costly waterfall approaches which weren’t needed to arrive at the desired end-result.

And with that Airteam took off, hiring and seeking out passionate professionals and using lean and agile approaches and tools to help clients deliver digital products and services at start-up speeds.

Our Values

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values.